Elementary & Middle School Yearbooks


Due to COVID-19 the production facility in Kansas City where our yearbooks are made had a required closure and lost six weeks of production time. Unfortunately, this shutdown has affected their ability to send the yearbooks before the end of the school year. Currently, the yearbooks should be shipped to the school the week of July 25th. Once the yearbooks are shipped our representative from Herff Jones will facilitate home delivery. In the meantime, we are working with our yearbook company to provide you and your child with a digital copy of the yearbook. This digital copy will be available for anyone that purchased a yearbook. Directions for accessing the digital copy will be sent the week of June 15-19. We apologize that the yearbooks are not available before the end of the school year and we hope you understand.


Elementary School yearbooks will be shipped directly to your home. We expect the books to arrive by the end of June. You should receive an email from the TreeRing company with a tracking order when the books ship. We thank you for your patience!

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